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Look for the seasonal gift for the customer? Giving gift to your customer is not only to show your gratitude, but also to represent the image of your company. The gift which you give to your customer can reflect the brand image of your company. Silpfa Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd. can produce the gift which is emphasized in the good design, quality material, and affordable budget. You can be confident that the gift we produce can make the good impression for the customer and build up your brand in an effective way.


We are an expertise for producing acrylic trophy for more than 40 years. With the experienced craftsmanship and high technology machines and techniques such as screen printing, offset printing, Ink-jet printings, laser engraving, craving and sculpturing on acrylic. The customer is always confident that the goods they receive will be the most satisfactions with beautifulness, high quality products, and on-time service.


Displays such as name tag, stands in many sizes, shelves, light box, and any large customized displays will help showing your products and reflecting your brand image. We can design the display for your products to help you promote your brand in the most effective way. The acrylic display will help you set up the tables and make your products stand out interestingly and build up your products into the customer’s memory. We believe that the good design and quality of acrylic displays can help you to increase the brand awareness and more outstanding products comparing to your competitors.

Hotel Accessories

The hotel accessories such as key room, direction signage, do not disturb signage, menu stand, bathroom accessories, tissue box, soap tray, and other decorative products can be customized by printing your logo, or engraving your graphic for your hotel and restaurant. We can also produce plastic member card and key card to access into the room.

Home & Office

Designed for a basic concept to suit with many type of rooms and companies, Home decorative and office accessory are produced with clear acrylic material for a modern but basic products. Our design of products is unique and contemporary which can also be given as a gift.

Equipment & Supplies

Silpfa Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd. have a variety of supplies and equipment on customer’s demands. All equipment can be ordered and delivered immediately. Please contact our Sale Department at 02-682-1275-8 ext. 11,13.18 for more information on equipment in-stock and other inquiry.

Silpfa Plastic Industry

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